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Our Method

CHARGE clients’ brands have powerful equity. Through merchandise, we help these clients position their brands in the marketplace for greater exposure, and develop new revenue and cobranding opportunities.

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Honda Performance Development

Honda Performance Development (HPD) just defined itself as Honda’s performance brand in North America. HPD was looking for an opportunity to bring its brand to life. This client asked CHARGE, formerly U/S Sports Advisors, for assistance in creating the first licensed merchandise program for this brand. 

In conjunction with our brand work with HPD, we developed a licensed merchandise plan from the ground up. This involved creating a line of official licensed merchandise, building sales infrastructure, and developing sales channels to sell to consumers, Honda dealers, and Honda associates in United States and Canada.

With no prior sales history, CHARGE, through merchandise and licensing extensions, helped create a new revenue stream and opportunity to promote the HPD brand in the important North American market. To date, $1 million in sales inception, over 63,000 pieces of merchandise have been sold through the online store with an additional 92,000 pieces of custom merchandise created.