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For over a decade, we served our client family as “Ungar Strategies” and “U/S Sports Advisors.”  We offered strategies and advice on how to overcome challenges or take a brand to the next level. We understood that ideas change the world. Today, CHARGE carries that philosophy into action through our client work. Our new brand represents how we’ll help our clients change their world and achieve greater success.

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Our Mission

Create and implement strategies to build exposure, engagement and revenue to drive your business forward.

Our Vision

Energize people and companies to become the best version of themselves.



Ungar Strategies logo

Ungar Strategies first displayed the "open for business" sign in 2006 with the goal of advising clients on the right strategy to accomplish their desired outcomes.


U/S Sports Advisors logo

In 2007 our passion for sports led us to take a more sports-centric approach to our services and U/S Sports Advisors was born. As U/SSA we prided ourselves on helping clients "play. smarter."


Charge logo

In 2016 we took a look at how we approach our client's problems. How we are relentless to find solutions, always charging forward with ideas and creativity while energizing our clients. Charging forward became our calling card and we became CHARGE.