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Great branding doesn't happen by accident. For an individual or a company, a brand helps define how others view and interact with you.

As a company, your brand will become the way your customers view you. Consumers are hit with thousands of brand messages a day; they won't form a strong impression of your company if they don't hear the right message. But with dozens of employees telling your story, from your CEO to your marketing team to your front-line staff, how can you make sure you are telling one consistent, memorable story?  A corporate brand will keep your team on the same page.

But what about personal brands? As a highly visible professional, you need to take control of the way you are viewed. Crafting a personal brand enables you to do that. Without a brand, your narrative will be driven by someone else, such as the media, competitors or shareholders. Whatever questions they ask or topics they bring up will define a large part of what your fans will hear. But once you've crafted a brand, you drive those conversations. From press conferences to social media, having your own message enables fans to connect with you in an authentic, long-term way.

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People and companies without a strong brand are either never heard of or forgotten entirely.

Our Methods

Brand Marketing Management

A brand isn't a set-it-and-forget-it asset. Every day, your potential consumers or fans will be creating deeper connections with you or with someone else. People vote with their attention, and every day is election day.

Learn About Brand Marketing Management

Brand Creative

No brand is complete without brand creative. From your logo to your brand voice, everything you create should feel cohesive and support your message.

Learn About Brand Creative

Athlete & Personal Branding

Your brand matters. Fans and consumers don't want to engage with a robot. They want to connect with a real, unique person. Your personal brand enables that connection.

Learn About Athlete & Personal Branding

Positioning Strategy

Once you understand your brand, it's time to bring it to market. We craft a positioning strategy that will put your brand in front of your potential fans, clients or customers.

Learn About Positioning Strategy

Corporate Branding

Capture your potential customers' attention with a well-crafted corporate brand. More than just a logo and color palette, a brand is the message about who your company is.

Learn About Corporate Branding

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Esports Marketing Training Mode cover

Esports Marketer’s Training Mode

Esports Marketing Training Mode cover

Esports has astronomic growth, desirable audience demographics and an array of options for marketers. However, as a relatively new industry, it can be intimidating to know where to start.

This guide will introduce marketers to the world of esports and help them find the perfect place for their brand.

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Esports Personal Brand Guide

Esports is quickly developing into a marketing powerhouse. While that can mean big bucks for teams and leagues, it also gives esports players a chance to step into the national spotlight.

You have the opportunity to change your future. Will you take it?

Download the guide

MLB Rookie Brand Guide

Even the best marketing departments in baseball have one major disadvantage. You can’t get the hits, make the catches, steal the bases or score the runs. You can’t directly help your team win. That means you have to be creative in the ways you attract fans to support your team, especially when they stink.

What if there was a way to reach casual fans and the billions who don’t follow sports? Download our Rookie Brand Guide to learn more!

Download the guide

Four Ways to Cut Through the Clutter With Your Personal Brand eBook cover

Four Ways to Cut Through the Clutter with your Personal Brand

Four Ways to Cut Through the Clutter With Your Personal Brand eBook cover

In our last eBook, we talked about creating a personal brand and promoting it effectively. Now, it’s time to bring your brand to life. That’s called brand positioning and doing it right puts you and your brand on the pathway to success.

People are inundated with thousands of messages every day. From banner ads online to billboards and commercials, not to mention everything their friends and colleagues tell them. Our eBook will talk through four things you can do now to cut through the message clutter and make your personal brand stand out.

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A Professional's Guide to Creating Your Personal Brand eBook cover

A Professional’s Guide to Creating Your Personal Brand

A Professional's Guide to Creating Your Personal Brand eBook cover

A personal brand is a valuable tool that helps you increase your network, elevate your influence and even raise your income. But what is a personal brand? Why is it important? How do you create a personal brand? Just as importantly, how do you promote it and maintain it?

In our Professional’s Guide to Creating Your Personal Brand, we’ll define a personal brand, tell you why it matters and talk about the traits that the best brands have in common. Then, we outline five research methods and 25 questions to get you on the right path of creating your own personal brand.

Download our Personal Brand Guide