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Healthcare Marketing

Valuing your patients

Healthcare has never been more competitive.

With changes to the healthcare market over the past eight years, heath systems and physician’s practices have been focused acutely on acquiring new patients and keeping the ones they have. While customer service is an integral part of this process, the role of marketing in patient acquisition and retention is growing in importance.

Today, a prospective patient chooses healthcare based on data points available through various channels including advertising, sponsorship, social media and web content. As the patient moves through the “Patient Marketing Journey” from awareness to engagement, the effective marketer is ensuring that its healthcare organization’s brand is powerful, attractive and unique. They share great stories that touch consumers emotionally. Finally, they ensure that a patient finds relevant information about his/her healthcare needs and that this information leads to an appointment.

That’s where CHARGE can help. We help develop patient acquisition and retention strategies that foster revenue growth, and implement those strategies moving healthcare organizations forward.

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Health stories are human stories. Don't be afraid to tell them.

Our Method

Strategy & Consulting

When you're not sure how to keep those you care for engaged, let CHARGE help craft you a marketing plan. Take control of your patient touch points, from the first phone call to the fiftieth check-up.

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Email Marketing

Good healthcare is made up of a million small moments. Encourage your patients to better health with email campaigns focused on their needs. Provide parents tips on avoiding germs during flu season, or send post-operative patients simple ways to stay active while recovering.

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Recovery stories are inspiring. Communities love sharing emotionally touching stories of healthcare providers who made a difference in their lives. Let CHARGE help share these powerful human experiences with the world, giving more people information about and access to life-saving healthcare.

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Social Media

The social internet is a powerful tool in the modern age and can be used to share great stories that touch consumers emotionally. Let our team of experts help you share those stories with social media best practices and training.

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Newsjacking: The Essential Preparation Guide eBook Cover

Newsjacking: The Essential Preparation Guide

Newsjacking: The Essential Preparation Guide eBook Cover

Have you ever been sitting at home watching a major event when a significant newsworthy moment happens? You refresh Twitter or click on a relevant hashtag and suddenly there’s a brand, like Oreo, that has posted content tying their product to the newsworthy event. That brand just “newsjacked” this emerging event and because of that, you were exposed to their brand.

In this eBook, we will walk you through understanding the timeline of newsjacking, while also giving you advice on how to prepare in advance so you can strike when the iron is hot. We’ll also provide you with some good and bad examples so you can see what has worked and what has been disastrous for some brands.

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