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Content Marketing

Grabbing your customers' attention

As the world becomes more and more digital, your customers are looking online for solutions to their problems. When should they get their oil changed? Which workouts burn the most calories? Who can help fix a leaky marketing funnel?

Content marketing puts you front and center, solving those potential customers' problems. When they need help, your company is the trusted voice they turn to.

CHARGE can help you own the conversation online. Whether you're reaching out to a broad base of B2C customers or targeting a highly qualified B2B lead that will take months to sell, CHARGE can create a content strategy that will generate the conversations and relationships you need for the personas you're chasing. We do this by identifying your content cornerstones, the topics that will drive your content creation.

Of course, no content strategy is complete without a calendar. By having a content plan laid out from the word go, CHARGE ensures that you will not only have a steady variety of content created, but hit all of the major messaging points and funnel stages that are necessary to close your deal. Instead of approaching content as a daily, repetitious task, we approach it as a whole. Every new piece you create has unique value.

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Your customers may only see one piece of content from you. If it's poorly targeted, if it's poorly written, if it's not in your brand: that can be disastrous.

Our Method

Digital Marketing

Great content feeds great digital marketing, and vice-versa. Give your content the visibility and distribution it needs in your email marketing, website and SEO.

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Social Media

Having a social presence is a must for almost every company. Your current and potential clients are on social; don't let this valuable connection point go to waste.

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Content Strategy

Good marketing doesn't happen by accident, and content is no different. CHARGE will build a content strategy that focuses on your strengths while delighting your potential customers.

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Content Creation

Content creation can be a grind. Your blog needs a constant supply of new ideas, and bad sales collateral can hurt more than it helps. Let us create the content you need to start conversations and close deals.

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Lead Collection & Nurturing

Using content to generate and nurture leads has become the gold standard. Let CHARGE help you create blogs, videos, infographics and more that your customers will want to engage with. Create better connections by providing real value to your current and potential clients.

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Content Reporting & Analytics

You can't manage what you can't measure. Make sure you're putting effort into the most valuable content with reporting and analytic. Measure and tweak campaigns to help them reach their fullest potential. 

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Hubspot-Certified Content Marketing Agency

Choosing a HubSpot Partner Agency, such as CHARGE, means that you're working with the best. Trust your company's future to the proven experts.

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Content Strategy Cheat Sheet

It’s one thing to create content, it’s another to create a content strategy that supports your content. Check out our content strategy cheat sheet and follow the four steps to creating a strategy that works for everyone!

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SEO Condensed eBook Cover

SEO Condensed: A step-by-step guide to SEO for your small business

SEO Condensed eBook Cover

SEO, or search engine optimization, can be a terrifying topic. It’s punishingly technical and complex. Updating the code of your website can be a high-stakes proposition. And that’s all once you already know WHAT to do. It’s miraculous that anyone without a computer science degree even makes the attempt.

That’s why we here at CHARGE wanted to create this small business SEO guide. We’ve compressed SEO down to a few core projects that any website owner can (and should) do.

Small Business SEO Guide