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Content Reporting & Analytics

Measuring the impact

Content is a valuable, and sometimes expensive, marketing tool. Get the most out of your content with robust reporting and analytics.

CHARGE provides analysis for each of our content pieces, giving context and insight into how the piece is performing.

We start by setting goals and key performance indicators, or KPIs, during our content strategy phase. Are you looking for brand awareness or perhaps a more qualified lead? Every goal is rooted in the real benefits our clients need to achieve. Instead of investing in solutions you can't track or evaluate, try a tactic that will make a measurable difference in your digital marketing efforts.

In addition to achieving your goals, content analytics hone in on the perfect pieces to create for your audience. By analyzing what content types, topics or thought leaders are getting the best response, we can continually adapt your strategy. Measuring distribution variables, such as what time each piece was released or what channels generated the most interest, helps guide the following release.

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Content Strategy Cheat Sheet

It’s one thing to create content, it’s another to create a content strategy that supports your content. Check out our content strategy cheat sheet and follow the four steps to creating a strategy that works for everyone!

Cheat Sheet

SEO Condensed eBook Cover

SEO Condensed: A step-by-step guide to SEO for your small business

SEO Condensed eBook Cover

SEO, or search engine optimization, can be a terrifying topic. It’s punishingly technical and complex. Updating the code of your website can be a high-stakes proposition. And that’s all once you already know WHAT to do. It’s miraculous that anyone without a computer science degree even makes the attempt.

That’s why we here at CHARGE wanted to create this small business SEO guide. We’ve compressed SEO down to a few core projects that any website owner can (and should) do.

Small Business SEO Guide