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Digital Marketing

Crafting your online presence

Your customers are living much of their lives online. They research new recipes, get answers to work problems, and plan get-togethers with friends all on the web.

Any company that's not crafting their digital presence is missing the boat.

From your emails to websites and social media to search engines, your customers could have thousands of interactions with your brand.

But digital marketing doesn't happen by accident. Unless you craft your online presence consistently and carefully, your potential customers may not ever know you exist. Or, even worse, they could get conflicting messages on different channels and be put off.

Creating a digital marketing presence not only assures that new customers will find you, but that you connect at the right time and right place. By finding them when they most need your help, you can provide them the help they need while growing your business.

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When you have a lot of different messages going out on a lot of different channels, it can be confusing for your customers or, even worse, potential customers.

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Digital Strategy

Understanding how and when you want to interact with your customers should be the core of any good digital strategy. Let CHARGE help you understand your customers' pain- and how you can find them online to solve it.

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Social Media

Having a social presence is a must for almost every company. Your current and potential clients are on social; can you use it to stay on top of their mind.

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Website Management

Your website is your digital face. How does yours look? Though you may forget it's there, it's often the only representation of your company a prospect may see. Is it ready for prime time?

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Search Engine Optimization is all about getting you to the top of the search engine results page. However, with rules that are continually changing and a deep technical bent, SEO is no walk in the park.

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Whether we're waiting for a restaurant table or deep into the workday, our email is always with us. A well-crafted email can reach your customers wherever they are and bring them to you.

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Paid Search (PPC and SEM)

Paid search accounts for almost 50% of online advertising. Whether you want to crack a new audience or just stay top of mind, paid search can be an effective and economical piece of your strategy.

Learn About Paid Search (PPC and SEM)

Content Marketing

Digital marketing runs on content marketing. Content feeds the emails you send, website you host or social media posts you put out. Get your content engines humming with CHARGE.

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Content Strategy Cheat Sheet

It’s one thing to create content, it’s another to create a content strategy that supports your content. Check out our content strategy cheat sheet and follow the four steps to creating a strategy that works for everyone!

Cheat Sheet

Marketing Condensed eBook cover

Marketing Condensed: A workbook for small business owners

Marketing Condensed eBook cover

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, nearly 20% of small businesses fail by the end of their first year. If there is one thing that almost all small business owners struggle with, it would bemarketing.

CHARGE is here to help. Our team of marketing experts have created worksheets, checklists and graphs to guide you through five key areas of marketing for small businesses such as branding, personas, websites, local SEO and social media.

Get started today!

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SEO Condensed eBook Cover

SEO Condensed: A step-by-step guide to SEO for your small business

SEO Condensed eBook Cover

SEO, or search engine optimization, can be a terrifying topic. It’s punishingly technical and complex. Updating the code of your website can be a high-stakes proposition. And that’s all once you already know WHAT to do. It’s miraculous that anyone without a computer science degree even makes the attempt.

That’s why we here at CHARGE wanted to create this small business SEO guide. We’ve compressed SEO down to a few core projects that any website owner can (and should) do.

Small Business SEO Guide

Sports Business Social Media Hidden Gems

Social media is only as great as the people you follow. You probably already follow sportsbiz social media powerhouses like Schefter, Rovell and SBJ. That’s why CHARGE compiled a list of 10 social hidden gems from the sports business world.

Discover the Secrets