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Social Media Marketing

Reaching your customers where they are

Social media is the place we all live our lives. From planning family vacations with Aunt Sally to farming software recommendations from your business network, every aspect of our lives have moved onto social.

It's no wonder that businesses see tremendous benefit from investing in social media marketing.

However, all that attention is a double-edged sword. Countless companies have made social media flubs; many times, they've turned into full-fledged PR disasters. While social media is a casual arena, it must be navigated carefully by companies of any size.

Let CHARGE help you create a social media marketing campaign that will drive value for your company. We start with your strategy. Every post we plan or tweet we release drives toward your business goals, whether they be simple awareness or a more targeted campaign. Each piece of content will be reported on and analyzed, ensuring that our strategy and tactics continually improve and evolve. We don't just pull the same old playbook off the shelf. Each client gets a strategy tailor-made for their specific brand and audience needs.

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We take a brand-focused approach to social media to make sure that the messages you're putting out there are consistent with your brand and furthering that story.

Our Methods

Social Media Strategy

Every good marketing campaign starts with strategy, and social media is no different. Let our experts create a customized strategy that will help you reach your business goals.

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Social Media Management

Social media demands a serious time investment. Let CHARGE handle the day-to-day stress of managing your social. We will manage all or any of your channels, strategically using social to support your business goals.

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Social Media Advertising

Social media is a fantastic organic - or non-paid - channel. However, adding a little social media advertising into your strategy can give your plan a boost. CHARGE is Twitter Advertising Certified.

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Social Media Reporting

Social audiences are different for each person, company and industry. CHARGE will report on and analyze every post, photo and graphic released on social, in order to gain more and more value for your company.

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