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Email Marketing

Reaching out the right way

With the advent of smart phones, email went from a digital version of your mailbox to a constant, immediate touchpoint.

That means that your email marketing plan can be plenty effective. It also means overexposure is a real risk.

Compelling, interesting emails can reach your target audience wherever they are. You can proactively give your readers the information they need, before they even realize they need it.

However, it also means that understanding your audience is paramount. What do they need? When do they need it? Blasting your entire list with one generic message will get you more "unsubscribes" than leads.

Once you do understand your audience, email can become a powerful way to show you value them. Craft nurture streams on topics that interest them. Create audience subsets, and laser-focus on their pain points.

Don't let your emails do more harm than good. Let CHARGE help you understand your audience and create emails that convert.

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Content Strategy Cheat Sheet

It’s one thing to create content, it’s another to create a content strategy that supports your content. Check out our content strategy cheat sheet and follow the four steps to creating a strategy that works for everyone!

Cheat Sheet

SEO Condensed eBook Cover

SEO Condensed: A step-by-step guide to SEO for your small business

SEO Condensed eBook Cover

SEO, or search engine optimization, can be a terrifying topic. It’s punishingly technical and complex. Updating the code of your website can be a high-stakes proposition. And that’s all once you already know WHAT to do. It’s miraculous that anyone without a computer science degree even makes the attempt.

That’s why we here at CHARGE wanted to create this small business SEO guide. We’ve compressed SEO down to a few core projects that any website owner can (and should) do.

Small Business SEO Guide