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Social Media Advertising

Creating effective, focused campaigns

Social media is a fantastic organic - or non-paid - channel. However, adding a little social media advertising into your strategy can give your plan a boost. Investing in social ads can help you gain followers, boost your awareness or increase your website traffic.

The true value of paid social is in targeting. Social advertising allows users to see content that is specially relevant to them. That means you can find targeted audiences that are already looking for your type of information. Advertise events to people who live in the area; target your B2B ad to people who work in the field. While Super Bowl ads may garner eyeballs, paid social brings relevancy.

Let CHARGE manage your paid social efforts. We'll run multi-variate testing campaigns, helping your company invest in the content and tactics that will work best for you. We can help you effectively target your audiences, guiding you through the many different targeting and advertising style options each channel offers. We'll ensure you get the most from your social media advertising.

CHARGE has earned a Twitter Advertising Certification through Twitter Flight School.

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Esports 15 cover


Esports 15 cover

Social media is only as great as the people you follow (sound familiar?). With the rise of esports throughout the sports industry, CHARGE compiled a list of the top 15 esports accounts to follow. This list is broken into three sections that include owners/CEOs, players and esports business personalities. To follow the esports 15, click here.

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Sports Business Social Media Hidden Gems

Social media is only as great as the people you follow. You probably already follow sportsbiz social media powerhouses like Schefter, Rovell and SBJ. That’s why CHARGE compiled a list of 10 social hidden gems from the sports business world.

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