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Social Media Management

Keeping an eye on social media

The biggest barrier to working on social media for many companies is the time investment. Good social media marketing means being continually present, responding to other posters, creating content that supports your brand, and keeping up good social interactions. Social media drives great business value, but it's also an open book. That means that the threat of bots, spammers, and disgruntled customers are real too.

Let CHARGE handle the day-to-day stress of managing your social. We will manage all or any of your channels, strategically using social to support your business goals. Are you looking to build brand awareness, or do you want deeper relationships with your current audience? If you have an event coming up, CHARGE can make sure that you're using social to its full advantage, engaging your attendees digitally while you engage them in the real world.

Social media management isn't just about interactions, either. CHARGE will create content to keep your followers engaged. We offer everything from simple text posts to curated content, photography and social graphics. And we don't blindly post the same content across all of your channels. Each post will be carefully optimized to its channel, to encourage the best engagement possible.

The work doesn't end once the posting is finished, either. Continual reporting and analysis is done on all social content. Each new post is a chance to collect data and adjust tactics. Armed with a variety of metrics, CHARGE will ensure that each piece of content we create is better than the last and brings stronger and stronger engagement from your audience.

Whatever your social strategy requires, CHARGE is here to help.

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Esports 15 cover

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