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Social Media Strategy

Defining your "Why"

Social media is a land of constant noise and motion, but no business will succeed in it without strategy.

It's not enough just to be present. To achieve your business goals with social media, you need to understand it. You need to know each channel's best practices, trends and unspoken rules. You need to know where and how your target audience is interacting. And you need to have a plan for how you'll get them to interact.

Social is a constantly changing platform. Let CHARGE's social experts help you navigate these tricky waters. We understand the intersection of social media and business, and can drive real value for your company. In addition to everyday social strategy, we can also create plans that incorporate live events, employer branding marketing, content marketing distribution, and many other marketing tie-ins.

Many social media companies rely on vanity metrics; those are metrics that look good, but don't end up benefitting your bottom line. Instead, CHARGE starts from your business goals and work backwards. We hand-craft each social media strategy around your needs.

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Esports 15 cover


Esports 15 cover

Social media is only as great as the people you follow (sound familiar?). With the rise of esports throughout the sports industry, CHARGE compiled a list of the top 15 esports accounts to follow. This list is broken into three sections that include owners/CEOs, players and esports business personalities. To follow the esports 15, click here.

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Sports Business Social Media Hidden Gems

Social media is only as great as the people you follow. You probably already follow sportsbiz social media powerhouses like Schefter, Rovell and SBJ. That’s why CHARGE compiled a list of 10 social hidden gems from the sports business world.

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