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Premium Promotional Item Distribution

Attracting fans to your display

One of the keys to successful lead generation at your event activation lies within your promotional item distribution.

It seems simple, but the power of a free t-shirt (or something like that) is undeniable when it comes to fans of any sports (and people in general).

Premium promotional items are a great way to leverage visitors of your display to provide you with their contact information, thus generating leads for your business.

The more attractive your promotional item, the higher quality and quantity leads you'll generate.

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What's Trending in Experiential Marketing eBook cover

What’s Trending in Experiential Marketing Technology

What's Trending in Experiential Marketing eBook cover

As technology becomes more prevalent in our everyday lives, it’s no surprise that experiential marketing activations are becoming more and more technologically advanced.

By integrating technology into your activation, you will create a modern, personalized experience and increase the number of consumer touchpoints for each guest resulting in an attractive ROI (return on investment).

In this eBook, we will explain how incorporating a few tech trends in your activation will positively impact your brand awareness, product engagement, lead generation and purchase consideration.

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