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Motorsports Marketing

Connecting brands and consumers

Motorsports is a unique sport with its own set of rules. Experience in other sports or business endeavors doesn't always translate to the industry. Having true motorsports experience and knowledge is crucial to the success of organizations within the sport.

Our knowledge of motorsports industry players, ownership rights, and their interplay can mean the difference between success and failure for a client.

Whether you're looking to enter motorsports for the first time, buy/sell a sponsorship or activate at an event, CHARGE has the experience to help you navigate the industry and drive your business forward.

We create a connection between brands and loyal motorsports fans.

If you're thinking about entering motorsports, or already in the industry and looking to maximize your marketing efforts, let CHARGE help you reach your goals.

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Motorsports is an extremely complex industry with its own set of rules. It often takes years to truly understand it in order to reach your business goals.

Our Specialties

Motorsports Strategy

As with anything, reaching your goals is easier when there is a strategy in place. Motorsports is no different. Having a team with experience in the industry develop your motorsports strategy can help move your business forward ahead of your competitors.

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Motorsports Sponsorships

Motorsports is driven by sponsorship. CHARGE is expert at helping companies find the right sponsorship at the right price point and assisting properties value and sell partnerships to the right sponsor. Let CHARGE help you sell, negotiate or buy motorsports sponsorships.

Learn About Motorsports Sponsorships

Motorsports Events

Motorsports events require real-time decision making because of the fast-paced environment. With industry-specific experience, knowledge, insights and connections, CHARGE helps reach the many brand-loyal consumers in motorsports through hands-on fan engagement.

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Navigating the Sponsorship Game eBook cover

Navigating the Sponsorship Game: 20 Questions to Sponsoring Success

Navigating the Sponsorship Game eBook cover

Sponsorships can feel like a game, full of negotiating, planning, activating and competing with both competitors and partners.

At the end of the day, everyone is trying to get to the finish line with a successful sponsorship. But how do you get there?

We developed this eBook to show you the questions you need to ask yourself (and maybe a few cheat codes) to choose the path that leads to a win.

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What's Trending in Experiential Marketing eBook cover

What’s Trending in Experiential Marketing Technology

What's Trending in Experiential Marketing eBook cover

As technology becomes more prevalent in our everyday lives, it’s no surprise that experiential marketing activations are becoming more and more technologically advanced.

By integrating technology into your activation, you will create a modern, personalized experience and increase the number of consumer touchpoints for each guest resulting in an attractive ROI (return on investment).

In this eBook, we will explain how incorporating a few tech trends in your activation will positively impact your brand awareness, product engagement, lead generation and purchase consideration.

Download the eBook

Four Ways to Cut Through the Clutter With Your Personal Brand eBook cover

Four Ways to Cut Through the Clutter with your Personal Brand

Four Ways to Cut Through the Clutter With Your Personal Brand eBook cover

In our last eBook, we talked about creating a personal brand and promoting it effectively. Now, it’s time to bring your brand to life. That’s called brand positioning and doing it right puts you and your brand on the pathway to success.

People are inundated with thousands of messages every day. From banner ads online to billboards and commercials, not to mention everything their friends and colleagues tell them. Our eBook will talk through four things you can do now to cut through the message clutter and make your personal brand stand out.

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A Professional's Guide to Creating Your Personal Brand eBook cover

A Professional’s Guide to Creating Your Personal Brand

A Professional's Guide to Creating Your Personal Brand eBook cover

A personal brand is a valuable tool that helps you increase your network, elevate your influence and even raise your income. But what is a personal brand? Why is it important? How do you create a personal brand? Just as importantly, how do you promote it and maintain it?

In our Professional’s Guide to Creating Your Personal Brand, we’ll define a personal brand, tell you why it matters and talk about the traits that the best brands have in common. Then, we outline five research methods and 25 questions to get you on the right path of creating your own personal brand.

Download our Personal Brand Guide

The Six Essentials to Athlete and Celebrity Endorsement for Brands

About 100 years ago, a smart marketer discovered that athletes and celebrities could also help guide consumers on the path to love a brand and make a purchase. From a local advertisement touting a sale at a car dealership to Michael Jordan’s landmark relationship with Nike via the Air Jordan brand, corporate marketers know that athletes and celebrities can move the sales needle.

Like any other tool, there are bad practices and best practices. Over the course of time, we’ve accumulated six essentials for athlete and celebrity endorsement.

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